Frequently asked questions about wedding photography

Some questions concerning wedding photography crop up time and again. The answers, however, are not always the same. On this page, I have compiled some of the most common questions and answered them. Obviously you won’t be able to find answers to all of your questions here. Should this be the case, please contact me directly.

We would like to have a wedding video. Do you offer this service too?
A good wedding video is characterized by thorough pre-planning and the skilled use of available stylistic devices. This is what it takes to create wedding videos in cinematographic style. And since I firmly believe that everyone should stick to doing what they do best (in my case this is photography, for example), I would like to warmly recommend the services of We have already collaborated on several weddings. Our photo / video teamwork runs very smoothly and the results are first-rate.
Could we get an opportunity to meet personally prior to the wedding?
As far as possible, we should get to know each other in the run-up to your wedding! Your wedding day is a very intimate affair and I might have to be somewhat intrusive for some of the shots. Having good chemistry is important so that you don’t see me as a ‘foreign body’. In the event that a personal meeting cannot be arranged, a phone call can often be helpful to find out if we are a good match.
We would like to see more samples of your work. Is that possible?

Yes, of course. Please check out my blog or my Facebook page at:

We’re not getting married on Majorca. Is it still possible to book you as our wedding photographer?

Yes, I work internationally and would be delighted to join you at the site of your wedding! After all, new locations inspire great photo ideas.

Do your fees change when you are commissioned for a job outside of Majorca?

No. My fees stay the same but you will need to book the whole day package’ as a minimum and also cover my travel costs and expenses. Incidentally, as an official resident of Majorca my travel costs within Spain are very low.

What is a pre-wedding photo shoot?

This is also known as an ‘Engagement Photo Shoot’.  For such a photo shoot we meet in a laid back setting in casual wear before your big day. I will photograph you just as you are and just the way you love each other.

What is an after-wedding photo shoot?

This type of photo shoot is conducted in the days after your wedding.  You will once again dress up in your formal wedding wear and we’ll take a whole series of photos without haste and in a relaxed atmosphere.  Depending on how much time we spend on the shoot, we can go for a large variety of lovely motifs that weren’t realizable on the wedding day itself.

Do you also offer 'trash-the-dress' photo shootings?

Of course. Usually the ‘trash the dress’ photo shoots are done as part of an after-wedding photo shooting. Towards the end of the shoot we are at liberty to get your wedding wear wet or dirty – or even completely trash it!

How many photos will we get?

It depends on the circumstances and I am thus unable to give a definitive answer.  Generally there’s more action in connection with a large wedding celebration than at an idyllic family wedding with just a few guests. I don’t see the point in making promises such as: ‘If you  book  the  three-hour reportage you will receive 1500 photos’ , which translates to roughly  8 photos per minute.  For me it’s all about quality – not quantity. On average you can expect about 50 photos per hour that you booked.

How are the photos delivered?

After they have been edited you will receive an email and you can decide whether you want to download the photos or prefer to be sent a data medium per regular mail.  Later the albums and photobooks are delivered to you by post.

In the end, what will we have in our hands?

Regardless of the scope of photo services you booked, you will always be provided with all the edited photos in high resolution – in colour and black-and-white – in digital form.  I do not offer buyouts! Additionally, you will get private usage rights for an unlimited period of time.  I also offer premium quality, customized photobooks and wedding albums.

Inexpensive photobooks are readily available, so why should I buy an expensive album from you?

You don’t have to do that. The quality of photobooks manufactured by many of the suppliers on the market is outstanding. You are free to choose a local provider to produce your photo album using the delivered photo data. However, if you’re looking for something more exclusive you would be well-served to opt for a premium quality wedding album. Usually hand-sewn and bound, these albums are crafted using particularly exquisite materials.

Can we give copies of the photos to friends and family?

Yes, of course! You will get unlimited private usage rights. The only thing you can’t do is commercially exploit or re-sell them. If this is your intention we can conclude a separate fee agreement.

We lost our photos. What can we do now?

Just stay calm! All of my photos are secured on professional, redundant storage systems and archived for the long term. For a fee it’s possible to acquire additional copies at any time. I cannot, however, guarantee the availability of your data.

How long will it take before we get our photos?

The photos that I take undergo an elaborate series of editing and post-processing steps. This includes, for example, weeding out subpar photos and digital post-processing in which all photos are optimized in terms of picture detail, colour, contrast etc. A period of four to six weeks should be expected for this work but during peak times it may take a bit longer.

Is it possible to get the RAW files from you?

I’ll make it short: No.

We’d love to do a more elaborate photo shoot on the beach. Is that possible?

Generally, yes. However, major professional photo shootings on Majorca’s beaches require official approval and are subject to charges. Moreover, they must be registered in a very timely manner.  A normal photo session, however, is hassle-free and doesn’t require authorization.

What kind of usage rights do you – as the photographer – have?

You have surely taken a look at my portfolio to get an idea of my work. Without the kind permission of the shown couples this would not be possible.  As a professional photographer it is of essential importance to publish my work so that interested parties can get an impression of my style and the quality of my work.

Now and again, I also have to update my portfolio to reflect changes in contemporary taste and in my personal style – both of which are constantly evolving. This is why being granted the use of your personal image rights is important to me. When you commission me as your photographer you can agree to allow me to publish your photos to promote my business and use them on my websites, web-blogs, social media, competitions and adverts. Another kind of commercial exploitation will not take place.

As a gesture of appreciation for your obligingness, I waive part of my photographer’s fee.